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Neuroscience Lab of Dr. Ling Wei, M.D. | Anesthesiology | Emory University

Dr. Ling Wei, M.D. | Neuroscience Laboratory | Anesthesiology | Emory University

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Welcome to the Neuroscience Laboratory of Dr. Ling Wei!

Welcome to the Neuroscience Laboratory of Dr. Ling Wei!

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Our research focuses on cell injury in cerebral ischemia and the treatment of ischemic stroke. Focal and global ischemia models in adult and young animals are used for studies of cell protection and functional recovery. Cell death (apoptosis and necrosis) and mechanism of cell protection are investigated at cellular, molecular, and animal levels. Genetically modified mice have been used for understanding particular genes in pathogenesis and potential therapeutic applications.

We are particularly interested in neural and vascular plasticity (neurogenesis and angiogenesis) that may promote long-term functional recovery after stroke. Our recent research on embryonic stem (ES) cell transplantation is aimed at repairing damaged structures and promoting functional recovery in the ischemic brain after stroke, as well as in injured peripheral nerves, using wild-type and genetically modified embryonic stem cells.

Functional optical imaging, quantitative autoradiography, immunohistochemistry, molecular/cellular biology, electron/confocal microscopy, and electrophysiology are used in our investigations.