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Publications 2

Publications 2

Wei ZZ; Lee JH; Zhang Y; Zhu YB; Deveau TC; Gu X; Winter MM; Li J; Wei L; Yu SP, 2016. Intracranial Transplantation of Hypoxia-Preconditioned iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells Alleviates Neuropsychiatric Defects After Traumatic Brain Injury in Juvenile Rats.  Cell Transplant 25(5):797-809

Samantaray S; Das A; Matzelle DC; Yu SP; Wei L; Varma A; Ray SK; Banik NL, 2016. Administration of low dose estrogen attenuates gliosis and protects neurons in acute spinal cord injury in rats.  J Neurochem 136(5):1064-73

Jiang MQ; Zhao YY; Cao W; Wei ZZ; Gu X; Wei L; Yu SP, 2016. Long-term survival and regeneration of neuronal and vasculature cells inside the core region after ischemic stroke in adult mice.  Brain Pathol.

Samantaray S; Das A; Matzelle DC; Yu SP; Wei L; Varma A; Ray SK; Banik NL, 2016. Administration of low dose estrogen attenuates persistent inflammation, promotes angiogenesis, and improves locomotor function following chronic spinal cord injury in rats.  J Neurochem 137(4):604-17

Lee JH; Wei L; Deveau TC; Gu X; Yu SP, 2016. Expression of the NMDA receptor subunit GluN3A (NR3A) in the olfactory system and its regulatory role on olfaction in the adult mouse.  Brain Struct Funct 221(6):3259-73

Lee JH; Espinera AR; Chen D; Choi KE; Caslin AY; Won S; Pecoraro V; Xu GY; Wei L; Yu SP, 2016. Neonatal inflammatory pain and systemic inflammatory responses as possible environmental factors in the development of autism spectrum disorder of juvenile rats.  J Neuroinflammation 13(1):109

Lee JH; Wei ZZ; Cao W; Won S; Gu X; Winter M; Dix TA; Wei L; Yu SP, 2016. Regulation of therapeutic hypothermia on inflammatory cytokines, microglia polarization, migration and functional recovery after ischemic stroke in mice.  Neurobiol Dis 96:248-260

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Gu X; Wei ZZ; Espinera A; Lee JH; Ji X; Wei L; Dix TA; Yu SP, 2015. Pharmacologically induced hypothermia attenuates traumatic brain injury in neonatal rats.  Exp Neurol 267:135-42

Lee JH; Wei ZZ; Chen D; Gu X; Wei L; Yu SP, 2015. A neuroprotective role of the NMDA receptor subunit GluN3A (NR3A) in ischemic stroke of the adult mouse.  Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 308(7):C570-7

Francis KR; Wei L; Yu SP, 2015. SRC tyrosine kinases regulate neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells via modulation of voltage-gated sodium channel activity.  Neurochem Res 40(4):674-87

Wei ZZ; Gu X; Ferdinand A; Lee JH; Ji X; Ji XM; Yu SP; Wei L, 2015. Intranasal delivery of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells improved neurovascular regeneration and rescued neuropsychiatric deficits after neonatal stroke in rats.  Cell Transplant 24(3):391-402

Sun J; Wei ZZ; Gu X; Zhang JY; Zhang Y; Li J; Wei L, 2015. Intranasal delivery of hypoxia-preconditioned bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells enhanced regenerative effects after intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke in mice.  Exp Neurol 272:78-87

Woodbury A; Yu SP; Chen D; Gu X; Lee JH; Zhang J; Espinera A; García PS; Wei L, 2015. Honokiol for the Treatment of Neonatal Pain and Prevention of Consequent Neurobehavioral Disorders.  J Nat Prod 78(11):2531-6

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Chau MJ; Deveau TC; Song M; Gu X; Chen D; Wei L, 2014. iPSC Transplantation increases regeneration and functional recovery after ischemic stroke in neonatal rats.  Stem Cells 32(12):3075-87

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Wei ZZ; Yu SP; Lee JH; Chen D; Taylor TM; Deveau TC; Yu AC; Wei L, 2014. Regulatory role of the JNK-STAT1/3 signaling in neuronal differentiation of cultured mouse embryonic stem cells.  Cell Mol Neurobiol 34(6):881-93

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